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We want to offer you the best dental treatment possible, but before we make any recommendations we want to consult you on the various options available.

Tooth extraction and amalgam filling removal in Yandina

Yandina Dental provides tooth extraction and replacement treatments for badly infected or broken teeth.

We also remove old amalgam fillings and replace them with more advanced materials.

Tooth extraction

In cases when a tooth can’t be saved with a filling, root canal, or dental crown, tooth extraction treatment at Yandina Dental provides the solution.

Removal of a diseased tooth also avoids complications such as infection spreading to other areas of the body, including vital organs.

Extraction entails removal of the tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. We do this with local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. Recovery after the procedure typically takes a few days.

Tooth removal may be necessary when:

  • Decay causes severe damage
  • A tooth is fractured
  • A tooth remains lodged in the gum or jaw bone – as sometimes happens with wisdom teeth
  • Your teeth are overcrowded

Symptoms you may need a tooth taking out include:

  •  Toothache
  • Difficulty eating or talking
  • Jaw pain or stiffness
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
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Tooth replacement:

It’s important to replace a tooth after extraction to restore appearance and oral functionality. Tooth replacement options include:

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Amalgam filling removal

Amalgam fillings are less expensive than newer types of fillings. They’re also more durable, especially for the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

Mercury is used in amalgam fillings to bind together other metals in the filling material.   Amalgam fillings – silver-coloured fillings – are said to be safe for most people but the potentially toxic properties of mercury still worry some.

Amalgam filling removal at Yandina Dental addresses these health concerns, using high-volume suction, a dental dam to cover the tooth, and an air filtration system to minimise mercury vapours.

Replacing amalgam fillings

We replace amalgam fillings with composite resin fillings – white fillings made with plastic and glass polymers that look more natural – or porcelain or gold inlays/onlays.


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Call our friendly receptionist on 07 5446 8993 for more information or to arrange an appointment. We take emergency calls before 10am and are available 5 days per week, from 8.30 am to 5pm.

Enjoy our New Patient Exam and Clean offer for $199.

New Patient Implant consultations for $75.

We know it can be a daunting process, so we make sure we guide you through every step of the way and make you feel as comfortable as can be. Our team is trained to help you feel at ease from the moment you arrive in our practice, additionally we also offer IV sedation

We offer Child  Dental Benefits Schedule rebates. 

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Plus we offer 10% off for Pensioners on Thursday’s.

We offer various competitive interest free payment plan options that will allow you to pay for your selected treatment in flexible installments.

Our Treatments

Tooth extraction offers a number of benefits. Most importantly, it reduces harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums. Left untreated, a decayed or damaged tooth can wreak havoc on your smile, causing a domino effect of problems. Removing your affected tooth gives you the best chance for optimal oral health

As we’ll discuss in our initial consultation to ensure that you are qualified, but most patients for all ages qualify. 

In most cases, root canal therapy is a better way to treat an infected tooth than an extraction. However, there are exceptions, such as if the tooth has suffered extreme damage. Your dentist will carefully analyse your oral health before making a treatment recommendation.

If you’re just having one tooth extracted, the entire process can be completed in 10-30 minutes. However, if you’re having multiple teeth extracted, expect to spend a little more time at our dental practice. 

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The latest technology to assist you in making a customised plan. Every smile and set of priorities are different. Our Yandina dentist works by your side to curate a care plan that fits your needs and expectations.

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Being your local dental provider means you’ll always have someone by your side for emergencies or to offer unbiased advice. As your family grows with us, we’ll be your partner in health for the years (and smiles) to come here at Yandina Dental.

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We make it accessible for you to elevate and stimulate your inner self. With the flexibility and variety of our interest free payment plans. It is a very simple process to set up and we can even help you select one if preferred.

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Exceptional service and quality of service. Yandina Dental have been taking care of my teeth for the past 2 years and I have not felt more confident with my smile. As soon as I walk in the door I am greeted with a lovely smile and offered a drink while I am waiting. This is the only dentist I feel confident in taking care of my teeth. All I can say is they are amazing ☺️

Freida Patient of Yandina Dental

Regan and his team have really set the bench mark in dentistry. They are very friendly and make your visit on the day as comfortable as possible. From your choice of music , too blankets if you get cold. Even a hot towel at the end of session. Regan explained every little detail and what measures needed to be carried out . He even gave me 3 paths to choose for my dental work and what sort of time frame the work would last . I would recommend Yandina Dental hands down , if your looking for a new dental experience , knowing your teeth are in good hands. Go and see Regan and his team.

Tom Patient of Yandina Dental

The BEST dentist in Australia! I cannot recommend Yandina Dental more, they are absolutely phenomenal at what they do! I’ve moved two hours away from the clinic and will always make the trip up as I know I trust them with my whole heart! The staff are absolutely impecable and make everything feel like a breeze! Love love love your work guys!

Jaymie Patient of Yandina Dental

Yandina Dental is everything that my old dentist wasn't!! Gone are the days when the dreaded "checkup" made me break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it!!

Kerry Patient of Yandina Dental

Yandina Dental has one of the highest standards of health care I have come across in a long time. Their attention to detail and friendly team are always more then willing to go the extra mile and offer a friendly, welcoming environment, with a cup of tea included! I am more then willing to recommend this dental practice to all of my friends and family so they can all experience the boutique dental spa services.

Emma Patient of Yandina Dental

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