Sometimes tooth extraction is necessary, such as with wisdom teeth, decay, or trauma. We can help and advise if extraction is required

When a tooth has been damaged either by infection or trauma, the dentist will advise on the best treatment for the tooth. Whilst we always try to save teeth, if the damage to the tooth is too advanced, the best (or only!) option may be removal.

When it comes to removing wisdom teeth, some dentists find this challenging. Dr Brooke Parker has many years of experience with removing wisdom teeth in the chair without the need for a hospital visit. This can end up saving you thousands.

The tooth and surrounding area will be numbed with some topical anaesthetic cream and then by local anaesthetic injections. Once the area around the tooth is thoroughly numb (you should feel pressure and not pain), the tooth is loosened with movements and pressure. Sometimes, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, a suture may be required to close the hole.

There may be cases where a ‘surgical extraction’ is required. When a tooth is still under the gum or is completely broken down, gum and bone may need to be removed. Here at Yandina Dental we are able to remove the majority of wisdom teeth, but if it is very difficult then you will be referred to the Oral Surgeon.